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Drive Harder

Our members want to be able to drive their cars quicker.

Timed against the clock, your friends or competitors is a consequence of being around fast cars at a track. Progress though usually requires a bit of coaching. Correct braking points, racing lines and apex’s, heel & toe, overtaking, or general race craft…no matter what stage you’re at in your driver journey Valluga will have the right coach (maestro) for you.

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Drive Hard<u><em>er</u></em>


All Valluga’s Maestros are racing drivers.

They know how to make 911’s in particular go quicker. Its dynamic properties are very similar to those of the GT3 Cup Cars. Techniques shared with you are the same as those honed in a competitive environment such as quali or racing.



What to expect

  • You’ll be welcomed into our pit garage by your Valluga coach.
  • A coffee and discussion will determined whatyou’d like to get out of your session.
  • The discussion will then continue on track… You driving, Maestro observing.

Then it’s back in the garage for a debrief. The coach will identify techniques that need adopting, habits to be dropped, skills to acquire or some finer details that need a polish.

We’ll install a data logger (VBOX) in your car that’ll monitor your coaching progress throughout the day. ‘Before and after’ analysis is invaluable.

So, if you’re keen to go faster – for whatever reason –

please get in contact with us on 07873 880 935 or


If you’d like more information, or if you are intested in becoming a member, please call or drop us an email. We look forward to speaking to you.

Team V.C.

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